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revengeance replied to your post “So here’s a fun story: I’m from Chile and I just got back from USA…”

shiiiit weón. Sé que al menos las consolas de Sony sólo necesitan adaptador pero no te bullshittean con el voltaje :l feo Nintendo

Sipo! Sony lleva tiempo poniéndole harto rango de voltaje a sus consolas. Tecnológicamente no hay ninguna traba para que Nintendo sea tan quisquilloso con el multivoltaje. Sí o sí es pa’ delimitar regiones.

So here’s a fun story: I’m from Chile and I just got back from USA with a brand new Wii U. As I unpacked the parts I realized that the AC adapter said 110v, which meant I’d have to get a huge transformer to get it working with Chile’s 220v norm. This got me really frustrated ‘cause the guy at the store specifically said that it didn’t need any sort of transformer, just the plain old adapter from flat pins to round ones.
As I started searching on the Internet for cheap transformers, I stumbled upon some forum post about someone realizing an ugly truth: Nintendo labels their Wii U AC adapters with lower capabilities than what it really has. The guy posted pictures of his opened AC adapter, showing its real values inside: up to 220v. After reading the replies of people validating his claims, I decided to try my AC adapter with no transformer, and guess what, it’s been working perfectly fine since.
Nintendo is manufacturing and shipping their Wii Us with multivoltage AC adapters but pretending they’re not for whatever reason, maybe to avoid people from buying it outside of their country.

I guess you could say Nintendo reEEeally is into region-locking.

Fun fact I learned today: when bringing goods into Chile through the airport, you can bring up to 300 USD in value, so that’s equal to a Wii U minus taxes, but if you’re trying to bring in a PS4 or Xbone, good luck friend.

me acuerdo que cuando pasamos la wii por aduana chile-argentina casi se la quedaban si no le deciamos que era una consola

Conchesumadre weón, hubieras visto mi cara hace dos horas atrás pasando por la aduana. Tenía todo un discruso preparado por si me hacían drama, pero al final ni la pescaron. Me sentía como narco por una puta consola de juegos jajajaja.

Está pasando.

YES WEÓN, AL FIN. (Duda: ¿tu consola tiene integrado el enchufe de patitas circulares, o le tuviste que poner adaptador?

Holy shit I was so scared someone at customs would make trouble because of it. Checking through the x-rays like

*clothes and laptop*
*video game console*